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- The SPIDER Rotary Horse Arena Conditioner -

Toll Free: 1-800-335-1880 Office Hours Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

Rotary harrow outdoor arena The Spider is an innovative self-driven rotary harrow. The uses for this harrow range from renovating arenas and driveways to conditioning any sand, soil or gravel surface. The Spider has 2 ft. diameter rotors that are self-driven as a result of being set at a 5 degree angle. No power take-off is required. The small rotors are an advantage in two different ways over larger diameter rotors. First, the units extend only about 3 ft. behind the tractor for better maneuverability, and second, the small diameter forces them to spin at a higher RPM which disburses more material. Rotors are preset at opposing angles to provide straight pulling and smoother operation.


All Steel Construction. Heavy 3/4" solid round rotor construction. Sealed bearings (maintenance free!). 1" Axles.

Category 1 or larger 3-point lift compatible on RC-6 and RC-8

All units use the same heavy rotor design with 4" long tines for extra penetrating action! Structural square tubing and angle iron frame provides the rugged platform onto which the rotors are attached.

 4 ft rotary harrow

rotary harrow with wheels

 The RC-4 is great for use with ATV's or garden tractors. Wheels provide transport by simply inverting the unit. Integrated platform for 8" blocks provide the necessary down force.

4 ft. SPIDER™ Rotary Conditioner RC-4

weight-95 lbs.

$619.00 or call 1-800-335-1880

 6 ft rotary harrow

 RC-6 6ft. wide with 3-point lift

- For Mid-Size Utility Tractors

weight- 160 lbs

$799.00 or call 1-800-335-1880

 8 ft rotary harrow

8 ft rotary harrow in sand arena

 RC-8 8ft. wide with 3-point lift

- For Larger HP Tractors

weight-190 lbs

$919.00 or call 1-800-335-1880