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- Adjusta-Flex Tine Harrow -

Toll Free: 1-800-335-1880 Office Hours Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.

The AF-5 is the perfect harrow for the garden tractor or ATV and is still large enough to cover the tracks of most utility tractors.
The Adjusta-Flex Harrow is a new and innovative adjustable and flexible harrow. This design allows you to adjust width, length and aggressiveness. Pictured here at maximum width, the Adjusta-Flex Harrow is great for smoothing rough arenas, breaking up manure, dethaching pastures and general grounds maintenance.


  Model AF-5 Harrow
• Adjustable width
• Adjustable Length
• Full 1/2" Tines
• Aggressiveness changes with width
• Model AF-5 adjustable 3 1/2' to 5' width
(shown in dethatching mode)

$459.00 or call 1-800-335-1880


 Model AF-5 Harrow and AF-5C Carrier Combo
When in the aggressiveness mode the Adjusta-Flex is the only harrow with tines angled forward. This makes it perfect for really digging in and breaking up hard ground. AF-5 with AF-5C Wheel Carrier:

$700.00 or call 1-800-335-1880

Wheel carrier for AF-5 only: Model AF-5C

$249.00 or call 1-800-335-1880