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Bucket Holder

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Past Winners:

March 1/01 winner: Erin Moery of Moses Lake, WA
June 1/01 winner: Deborah Charbonneau of Ocala, FL
Sept. 1/01 winner: Judy Banks of Eaton, OH
Dec. 1/01 winner: Pamela Pardee of Highland, NY
Mar. 1/02 winner: Lisa Derby Oden of New Ipswich, NH
June 1/02 winner: Cheryl Poland of Wichita, KS
Sept. 1/02 winner: Ray Neitsch of Gonzales, TX
Dec. 1/02 winner: Ana T. Munoz of Hanover, PA
Mar. 1/03 winner: Lisa Paxton of Lexington, KY
June. 1/03 winner: Jo Ann H. Redwine of Knoxville, TN
Sept. 1/03 winner: Art McClish of Columbia City, IN
Dec. 1/03 winner: Elena DiSilvestro of Hartly, DE
Mar. 1/04 winner: Karen Foley of Stuart, VA
June 1/04 winner: Cheryl Edwards of Bennington, VT
Sept. 1/04 winner: Diane Jackson of Weedsport, NY
Dec. 1/04 winner: Carol Nealy of Monson, MA
Mar. 1/05 winner: Shawn Walsh of Lebanon, TN
June. 1/05 winner: Brenda Bolton of Union, CT
Sept. 1/05 winner: Daveeda Clark of Hughes, AR
Dec. 1/05 winner: Dusty Gregg of Choctaw, OK
Mar. 1/06 winner: Hugh Parker of Morristown, TN
June. 1/06 winner: Debie Gentile of Rindge, NH
Sept. 1/06 winner: Kathleen Donnelly of Kearneysville, WV
Dec. 1/06 winner: Lori Spencer of Winchester, TN
Mar. 1/07 winner: Donna Rawls of Zebulon, NC
June. 1/07 winner: Jennifer Willis of Exeter, RI
Sept. 1/07 winner: Cindy Hoskins of Milpitas, CA
Dec. 1/07 winner: Sarah Bothell of Columbia, CT
Mar. 3/08 winner: Jane Disano of Powell, TN
June. 1/08 winner: Kim Manier of Grantsburg, IL
Sept. 2/08 winner: Rita Rothenberg of Collinsville, TX
Dec. 2/08 winner: Nickole Manders of Apple River, IL
Mar. 2/09 winner: Sandy Page of Borden, IN
June. 1/09 winner: Jennifer Norman of Wooster, OH
Sept. 1/09 winner: Deborah Ross of Newport, VA
Dec. 1/09 winner: Jennifer Parsons of Taylorsville, NC
Mar. 1/10 winner: Stephen Wilcoxson of Laramie, WY
June. 1/10 winner: Laura Robbins of Catawissa, MO
Sept. 1/10 winner: Katie Hook of Wilmore, KY
Dec. 1/10 winner: Lin Beaune of Pleasanton, NE
Mar. 1/11 winner: Roxanne Rusnak of Villa Rica, GA
June 1/11 winner: Chris Cornelius of Lewisburg, WV
Sept. 1/11 winner: Ruth Ann Blyth of Ashland, IL
Dec. 1/11 winner: Trisha Ranck of Cameron, NC
Mar. 1/12 winner: David Licht of Ogden, IA
June 1/12 winner: Linda Moore of Williamston, MI
Sept. 1/12 winner: Janet McVay of Maysville, MO
Dec. 1/12 winner: Joe Miraglia of Shickshinny, PA
Mar. 1/13 winner: J.D. Wininger of Kingsport, TN
June 1/13 winner: Louise Fuller of Colorado City, TX
Sept 1/13 winner: Christine Castano of Plant City, FL
Dec. 1/13 winner: Deb Bachman of Lock Haven, PA
Mar. 1/14 winner: Carolyn Duncan of Woodstock, GA
June 1/14 winner: Suzanne Thompson of Farr West, UT
Sept. 1/14 winner: Jaylene Pinkerton of Hardin, MT
Dec. 1/14 winner: Sylvia Beahr of Ennis, TX
Mar. 1/15 winner: Patty McKey of Wyarno, WY
June 1/15 winner: Hope Hewitt of Bloomfield, IA
Sept. 1/15 winner: Maria Melendez of Wadesboro, NC
Dec. 1/15 winner: Tamara Ostrander of Glenwood, IA
Mar. 1/16 winner: Kathie McCleary of Kendall, NY
June 1/16 winner: Maria Orlovich of Manhattan, IL
Sept. 1/16 winner: Abby Thackery of Louisburg, KS
Dec. 1/16 winner: Dan Wellington of Herkimer, NY
Mar. 1/17 winner: Glen Johnson of Slanton, TX
June 1/17 winner: Kay Kayal of Reddick, FL
Sept. 1/17 winner: Karen Lambert of Doswell, VA
Dec. 1/17 winner: Tony Shorer of Manning, SC
Mar. 1/18 winner: Jennifer Koivisto of Iron River, WI
June 1/18 winner: Karan Segura of Ridgeway, VA
Sept. 1/18 winner: Megan Winfield of Crozier, VA
Dec. 1/18 winner: Donna Barcomb of Rouses Point, NY
Mar. 1/19 winner: Kevin Patterson of Belgrade, MT
June 1/19 winner: Lyn Thompson of Cortland, NY
Sept. 1/19 winner: Ruth Zielaskowski of Ossineke, MI
Dec. 1/19 winner: Mark Ackerman of Kirby, WV
Mar. 1/20 winner: Amy Fischer of Lexington, KY
June 1/20 winner: Dawn Voris of Columbia City, IN
Sept. 1/20 winner: Crystal Gindorf of Margosa Valley, NV
Dec. 1/20 winner: Sherry Pettyjohn of Kendall, KS
Mar. 1/21 winner: Anna Jones of Hesperia, CA

Next Drawing will be June 1, 2021

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1. Valid for US Residents only. Hawaii & Alaska Residents are included.
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4. Only one entry per household will be permitted.
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